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Leasing & Procurement

Head Office

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Helping you to sell or purchase an aircraft. This encompasses an array of intricacies and demands professional and extensive market knowledge. Whether you are looking for a new, or a previously owned aircraft, with our wealth of expertise the IPS team will provide unbiased advice and guidance giving you confidence and security throughout the purchase process.

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Aircraft Leasing & Procurement

The services we provide include :

  • AOC Start-Up and Manual Writing

  • Airline start-up

  • ATO  startup

  • NCC Manuals

  • Compliance Monitoring and Auditing

  • EASA FTL schemes

  • Group Ownership

  • Aircraft Management

  • Aircraft Acquisition (including lease arrangements)

  • Aviation Recruitment

  • Feasibility studies & Business plans

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we assist customers in providing comprehensive package of solutions, through well trained, motivated and highly experienced personnel.


Our main goal is to provide high quality services at competitive prices.


we definitely want to satisfy and enchant our customers with our professionalism, flexibility, readiness and integrity.

Our Mission

We are committed to

this mission by:

  • Taking personal responsibility for the safety of each customer.

  • Ensuring high quality services to our customers.

  • Delivering a sustainable profit to support the growth of our company.

  • Setting realistic, accessible goals pursued with perseverance.

  • Keeping up with the industry’s standards and challenges.


After Purchase Round The Clock Support

Remaining beside you long after the contract ink has dried, we will continue to offer round-the-clock support. With our ability to provide services that simplify the details associated with aircraft ownership, such as aircraft management, charter marketing, flight crew recruitment, and technical support, We are focussed on building strong and long-term relationships supporting you throughout your lifetime of aircraftownership.

Handling The Offer, Purchase & Legal Requirements

Once we have an aircraft you are happy with and a successful agreement has been reached, we will assist in arranging all the necessary pre-purchase agreements and aircraft inspection surveys. By working closely with our aircraft management, legal and technical team, we will also handle the myriad aspects of the negotiation phase and closing process. Giving you the comfort that the process is as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Narrowing Down


Once we have found a broad range of aircraft that match your criteria, we will narrow the selection down to a few specific types and provide you with comparisons of aircraft size, operating costs, flight range. With our constant interaction and data with all levels of the aircraft industry, we have the most up to date information on suitable aircraft that are available to purchase.

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IPS has offered advice to a number of Aircraft Operators and corporations to successfully apply for an Air Operator Certificate to enable them to start their Airline. We have done so in many different parts of the world including Brunei, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. If a company is looking to set up a charter airline, operating small piston aircraft – executive jets or if you are looking to start an airline using a commercial aircraft, IPS can offer the expertise to successfully start such an venture.

Why Us?

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Aircraft Leasing

IPS can help commercial Airlines drive financial success through innovation, digital transformation & strategic networking. Our reputation with global industry leaders we can help our clients in paving the path for a commercially viable & strategic relationship. Our consultants can provide advice on development of low-cost models, structuring loyalty programs, designing new sources of ancillary revenue, optimizing operational efficiency, network planning & expansion, distribution GSA selection and penetration into new markets, corporate dealing, sales force effectiveness, frequent flier programs, merchandising, product development, customer engagement strategies. optimizing the balance of economics and advice on adapting new financial technologies.
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