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About Us

IPS Airways boasts a highly skilled management team characterised by a blend of visionary leadership, practicality, financial acumen, extensive knowledge of the aviation industry, a strong belief in leveraging the latest aviation, electronic, and informational technologies, on-the-ground expertise in the targeted regions and markets, recognition of the pivotal role personnel play in organisational success, and unwavering commitment to IPS Airways' mission and objectives.

Our commitment is to deliver the utmost in service, operations, and safety, prioritising the needs, desires, comfort, and convenience of both passengers and cargo clients. Being a member of World Ticket Solutions (GDS), this integration of cutting-edge technology, customer-focused service, and stringent quality oversight is designed to foster robust customer satisfaction and establish a stellar reputation, thereby solidifying IPS Airways as a dependable and successful operation.

Operating with an Airbus A340-600 fleet, IPS Airways ensures a high standard of comfort and safety. The designated carrier is USC GmbH, headquartered at Universal Sky Carrier, Frankfurt, Germany, FRA/B Main Airport Center, Unterschweinstiege 2-14 60549, with Registration Number HRB 118939,
AOC (Aircraft Operating Certificate): D-420 EG | UK Full TCO (Third Country Operator) License Number: 1259.

- Fly Above All -

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