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Lahore is a major city in Pakistan that’s truly one of a kind. There are many exciting attributes of this city, engaging both locals and tourists. IPS offers cheap air tickets to Lahore from UK, so if you are currently deciding on whether to visit, we hope that our flight offers will help you make up your mind, so that you can start planning an immense trip. There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful city — we have listed 4 particular qualities that make it so special.


1,772 km²

11.13 million 



A Rich Culture

Lahore is renowned as the cultural hub of Pakistan and it’s home to extremely lively, friendly and hospitable locals who go out of their way to make tourists feel welcome. Lahore citizens are committed to many traditions which are celebrated at parties and festivals held throughout the year. Lahore culture is also expressed through art, exotic cuisines, literature and more.


Tantalising cuisines

Foodies will be in their element at Lahore, which is renowned for its amazing food. There is such a huge variety of exquisite cuisines served around the city, and Lahore is home to a plethora of restaurants, roadside stands and fine dining venues that are always bustling with locals and tourists. Some are open 24/7, so you’ll never go hungry here. There are also many traditional sweet shops and bakeries dotted around the city.


Excellent Shopping Opportunities

Lahore is Pakistan’s fashion hub and the city has a superb shopping culture. It’s home to stores selling pretty much everything you could think of, for every type of traveller. There’s a wide variety of shopping destinations to explore, including mega state-of-the-art malls with designer stores, ancient bazaars selling authentic traditional goods and bustling local markets that tourists can have fun bartering at for a bargain.


A Fascinating

When you visit Lahore, you’ll feel as though you are stepping back in time. The city has a rich history as it served as the capital of many ancient emperors that ruled the region. Visitors will be taken aback by the ancient architectural wonders and general grandeur of Lahore. Must-visit historical attractions include the renowned Badshahi Mosque, World Heritage-listed Lahore Fort and the Fakir Khana museum. A stroll through Lahore’s Old Walled City makes for an enlightening experience.

What’s the weather like in Lahore?

In Lahore, the summers are short, sweltering, humid, and clear and the winters are short, cool, dry, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 7°C to 39°C and is rarely below 5°C  or above 43°C.

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